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Vancouver Boudoir: Miss V

“I think it’s the perfect way to spice my marriage up after being together for 9 years. He thinks I am beautiful on my bad hair days, in yoga pants and even when I know I looked on my absolute worst! Just imagine when he sees photos of me taken professionally in a smoking hot lingerie. That’s something money can’t buy. First impression of your company was from your introduction video. It shows me clearly what I’ll be expecting, how’s everything going to be. It was my first time ever and I was nervous. The video reassured me that I will be in good hands. On the plus side, I love working with less people. The lesser people , the lesser opinions and the lesser confusions. 

The hair and makeup was AMAZBALLZ! Had a party afterwards and had way too many compliments!!!

Hell yes! I think EVERY woman should do it. Every woman deserves to feel like a million bucks. I feel that it really did helped me to love my own skin better. I had always been self conscious and never imagined myself to feel comfortable being naked in front of someone I’ve never met before. It was beautiful!” ~ Miss V




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