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“This was my second round and honestly I’ve been itching to get back in since the first time! It was such an incredibly amazing experience the first time and I loved the images, so when I saw a post about Jen & Kelly doing some after dark shoots, I was all over it. Since I had done this once before I was 100% excited and 0% uncertain. I remember the first time I was nervous only because I didn’t know what to expect and wasn’t convinced I was capable of looking very sexy (LOL) but after going through it once before and seeing my images, this time I was just keen to get back in there and let Kelly and Jenn do what they do, knowing it would all work out amazingly!

I would ABSOLUTELY recommend anyone to do a boudoir shoot. It’s such a fun experience to get all dolled up, and such a unique experience to gear down into your underwear and just stand there like “this is me”, to have people around you with such supportive energy making you really feel you look amazing. It’s funny that it’s a photo shoot, but to me the experience is so much more then the photos, it’s about reaching a nirvana of self acceptance and embracing yourself. Your flaws start to feel like beautiful parts of you and you honestly leave a happier person. 

I recommend just letting Kelly do whatever she wants, rather than showing up with something firmly in mind you want her to recreate – she knows how Jen shoots, and how lights and cameras will affect things and she really is a true artist, so let her look at you and decide what will work best. Trust her and the results will be exceptional! As much as Jen is the best boudoir photographer in the industry, so is Kelly with hair and makeup! It’s the pair of these two talents that makes Boudoir Studio the pinnacle of the business. 

I love you guys both so much. Sharing a vulnerable experience like that really creates a bond that I’ll only ever have with you two, and it’s really special!” ~Erin Bishop from @Filosophi Events 

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