Self Portrait

I spent the last few days on a very poorly planned trip (by me 🤣) to Vegas for a photography expo (which I later learned didn’t start until AFTER I went home 🤣) , and to attend a workshop by my darling friend @karamariestudios

Leading up to this trip I had a full week of shoots, plus moved into a new apartment, fully unpacked, then packed a suitcase and was on my way to Vegas. The second I walked into my hotel suite I was able to exhale and just start to decompress. All my grand plans of meet ups, shoots and events totally fell by the wayside because I was finally able to enjoy a minute to breathe.
I really wanted to do some self portraits so I would have some fun material to share with you, but my heart just wasn’t in it. I kept putting it off because I was really damn tired and to be honest I don’t feel very good in my skin right now. I caught myself saying, oh I’ll just get back on track with my activity/food and take the self portraits later when I lose a few pounds. 

How did I slip back into this totally toxic and BS pattern?! I see so many women deprive themselves and it breaks my heart. And here I am, doing the same damn thing. 🤦‍♀️

Ladies, we need an intervention. This shit is not healthy.

Repeat after me:
My physical appearance does not determine my worth.

The way I look also does not determine
. my worthiness of self love and self respect
. my ability to experience joy
. my right to be happy

So, after Kara Marie told me I had to get at least 1 shot with the bathroom mirrors, I got my ass out of bed yesterday. Sprayed half a can of dry shampoo in my hair, threw on a bodysuit and got down to it.

Here’s me, not perfect. But it’s probably one of my favourite images of myself because I think it represents who I am right now. And I think she’s pretty damn tough ♡

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