Maternity Photo Shoot

"I knew I needed to celebrate myself during pregnancy, and a boudoir session was the ultimate way! I haven't had the best experience with pregnancy, and early on I wanted to give myself something to really look forward to so that I could look back on it and remember just how fierce, sexy & beautiful I was/am!

I love your style, the studio set, the Jennifer/Kelly team, and the feeling I got when I looked at your photos was..."I am that sexy too...and Jennifer is the woman to capture it!"

I was excited from the moment I booked the session - like seriously, ridiculously excited! It was basically like knowing I was going to win the lottery! My only thoughts were - "I can't wait to have this experience, and see the photos!!" 

My photo shoot was amazing!! I'll be turns out I LOVE having my photos taken!! So you should DO IT! If you think you may be remotely interested in a shoot...then your brain is telling you to go for it!! It was so much fun, I felt pampered, loved and so relaxed the entire time - it was amazing!!"







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