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I knew loving my body now was even more important | Vancouver boudoir photographer | Miss C

“I loved feeling like a model. It was so special to have you ladies make me feel comfortable and beautiful.

Doing a boudoir shoot has helped me see the beauty and sexiness at the size and shape I am in. No shape and size is without beauty but helps to have you take it at the best angle.

I choose to book with you because I have admired your style an images on instagram for years. Practically being in Vancouver made it an easier place to travel since it was an hour flight from home and a nice place to spend the weekend afterwards. Doing a boudoir session was a goal of mine for 5 plus years and I kept putting it off. The last few years I have gained 35 lbs and really knew loving my body now was even more important.

I was feeling excited, not really nervous just happy to do it. Love your directions with the posing that might have been my only worry but also knew from the email you sent in advance you would help.

(We asked, what would you say to someone considering a boudoir shoot with us?) I would say do it! Don’t wait for the perfect time. At 30 years old I was 35 lbs lighter and still thought I didn’t look good enough. There will never be a perfect time and always a reason to put it off. Do it now the shape you are and learn to love yourself. Nothing more empowering then seeing yourself through the lens of an amazing photographer like Jennifer after being made up by the fantastic artist Kelly. All sizes and shapes have beauty, let them show you your best angle and how the world sees you.”

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