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TEARS OF JOY!! I am finally ready to reveal this incredible makeover of my studio. This past summer I asked my bff @curatedbychrissy if she could help me give my studio a facelift, I was ready for a professional makeover! Chrissy absolutely knocked it out of the park with my studio design, just as I knew she would!
The studio is a beautiful combination of inspiration from two of my favourite cities – Paris and New York.  We’ve incorporated beautiful textures like velvet, crystal, marble, stone, porcelain and vintage brass. Every piece was thoughtfully selected for versatility – it doesn’t just look pretty, it all works together perfectly for my boudoir photography studio. The size and shape of the furniture, the colour palette, textures and shapes were all carefully considered to maximize the potential for variety in my work.
Through the design process I came to realize (ok, finally admit to myself) that I have an affinity for fun animal prints, and I am slightly obsessed with my custom velvet leopard print pillows. The rug is beyond perfect for dramatic photos and adds a sophisticated playfulness to the room.
Two unique elements I am absolutely in love with; handmade porcelain sculptures from a designer in NYC and one of my personal favourites, a stone male torso, all the way from London. I had to have him! Both are available in Vancouver exclusively at Curated Home.
It feels amazing to have my own art on display and be a cohesive part of the design. Having my photography used as sophisticated wall art is something I’ve always dreamed of doing. Now I get to enjoy it every day!
A huge thank you to my man Brett Yarish for being the project manager on the construction aspect. The studio is in a 100+ year old heritage building; formerly the BC Liquor Distribution Centre, and was converted to artist lofts some time ago. Building standards were a bit different back then so my floors aren’t level, but @brettyarish managed to work around that and build everything so it works visually despite the slope. He installed custom millwork for that beautifully finished look in the living room, and false walls to cover up some oddly-placed pipes that just didn’t work visually.
Before the makeover, my studio was pretty and worked well for 7 years. The major thing that bothered me about it was that it didn’t all work cohesively together – I was always having to work harder in order to avoid shooting certain angles to not get distracting areas in the background, and was getting frustrated with the limitations of the small space. I knew I wasn’t using the square footage to it’s fullest potential. Chrissy designed the studio so that no matter where I stood, the background would never be a distraction, rather, complement the woman I am photographing.
I couldn’t be happier with how this project came together, and despite the blood, sweat and many many MANY tears I shed, I’m going to shed a few more in gratitude and joy for my feminine, sophisticated, elegant and luxurious new studio.
It’s a dream come true.

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Jennifer & Kelly

I feel so happy that I have done this! It was a great feeling when I was done! I’m so happy for such a good experience with you and Kelly: you both did an amazing job. I felt really beautiful, like a Victoria’s Secret model. I would recommend this to someone considering doing boudoir shoot! Miss R

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