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Hey, I’m Jennifer. Have we met before? You may not know who the heck is behind all of these photos of beautiful women. Allow me to tell you a little bit about myself!

A lot of people ask how I started in photography and I’d have to say it all began with my own boudoir session. The whole time leading up to my photo shoot I was so excited to give my partner his gift, but I did not realize until I was in front of the camera what a gift it was to myself. I realized for the first time that I was sexy – and had never thought of myself in that way before.

I shot my first boudoir session in late 2008, and was instantly hooked. I get this sort of high from helping women see how beautiful they are, especially when they think they are not. Since that very first shoot I’ve had the privilege of photographing well over 1000 women, and I’m just getting started.

For generations women have been told to be modest, but not a prude, to be sexy but not slutty, to be attractive but not too ‘done up’. I want to tear those expectations down and help women see themselves as beautiful, powerful and sexy…on their own terms. I want to help them claim their sensuality and define who they are as a woman.

Boudoir photography is not only my career, it’s my life’s work.

Thanks for being here with me. 🖤

self portrait.

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Hello Friends!

I'm so grateful you found your way here! Take some time to browse my site, there's a lot to discover! I hope you enjoy my work and would love to plan a shoot with you!

xx Jennifer

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I feel so happy that I have done this! It was a great feeling when I was done! I’m so happy for such a good experience with you and Kelly: you both did an amazing job. I felt really beautiful, like a Victoria’s Secret model. I would recommend this to someone considering doing boudoir shoot! Miss R

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