Why is boudoir photography so expensive?

Many people, when inquiring about a shoot with me, ask - "why is boudoir photography so expensive?" Especially when there are other photographers offering shoots at a much lower cost.

It’s a legitimate question, and I do recommend you do your research to find the right photographer for your photo shoot. I’m not the right fit for EVERYONE and that’s ok! I want to work with women who feel connected to my work and my mission.

I’d love to tell you a little story about the time I risked my life for a Coach purse, and how that relates to the cost of a boudoir session at Jennifer Williams Photography.

Why is boudoir photography so expensive

14 years ago..

At the beginning of my photography journey, I flew to NYC to hang out with my dear friend and mentor Leah and her friend Lauren. Leah had set up a few days of shooting boudoir clients in Manhattan and I was so excited to see the Big Apple for the first time. Starry-eyed was an understatement!

Leah told me about this magical place called Canal Street, where you can buy all kinds of knockoff designer purses. So, off we went to Canal street, stopping in all the random tourist trap storefronts while the shop owners would whisper ‘Coach, Gucci, Chanel’ under their breath. We found ourselves venturing into secret back rooms and down sketchy staircases to basement showrooms in search of the most real-looking knockoff Coach purse for Leah.

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Trust me, this whole scene was straight out of Law & Order SVU..I’m still shaking my head about the danger we put ourselves in for a purse. We even followed a lady down the street and got into a BLACK UNMARKED VAN!! For a wallet!! Can you imagine?!

It’s a miracle we didn’t get murdered.

I digress..

Finally Leah found ‘the one’ – in a sweaty secret closet hidden behind some grungy slatwall with a single light bulb hanging from the ceiling. The sales lady pulled the logo-patterned purse down from the shelf, and after looking it over in the dim lighting, Leah paid her for the bag and off we went to the subway.

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We got on the train, and I was chatting with Lauren when all of a sudden Leah yelled out;


Lauren and I, startled, looked over at Leah as she handed us the bag. The pattern did in fact say Cooch, all over the purse.

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So, what does this have to do with the price of boudoir photography?

There are a lot of knockoffs out there. Photography enthusiasts who 'just want to take pretty pictures' but have no idea how to direct a pose. The 'I do it all' photographers who shoot boudoir.. but also pets, landscape, families, weddings, newborns, and real estate.

Ever heard the saying 'Jack of all trades, master of none'? That phrase drove me to specialize exclusively in boudoir for the last 11 years (I shot weddings and portraits for the first couple of years).

I'm not trying to throw shade at any other photographers out there; I had to start somewhere too.

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My point is,

If you are feeling scared, nervous or unsure of whether or not you'd be able to 'pull off' a boudoir shoot,

(but really want to have beautiful photos of yourself)

You should hire an experienced professional.

You wouldn't let someone who's never been to hairdressing academy 'but has a good eye' cut your hair. The same holds true for a boudoir photographer. Would you prefer to leave the shoot up to chance? Or have a trusted and experienced professional guiding and directing you through the process when you are feeling nervous, self conscious and out of your element?

I believe that in most cases, you get what you pay for, but it’s up to you to do your due diligence.

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So, how do you choose the right photographer for your boudoir session? I've written a whole other post about what to look for and things to consider which you can find HERE.

You may be asking, 'Why should I hire you for my boudoir session?'

Why is boudoir photography so expensive?
Hi, I'm Jennifer Williams!

Let me toot my own horn for a minute..

I've been at this a long time. While the passage of time doesn't automatically make someone an expert, I've photographed well over 1000 women now. Trust me when I tell you, I've seen just about everything. Those parts of you that make you feel self conscious, those are no big deal to me.

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Whether you want to minimize an area, or need help loving it instead, I can help you.

Cellulite? Easy peasy.

Stretch marks? Pssh. Please.

Loose skin from weight loss?

I got you!

Before I was a boudoir photographer, I owned a swimwear boutique with my mom. Together we helped women of all ages feel more comfortable in their bodies. They had more confidence to enjoy their beach vacations with their families, and *gasp* even take photos by the pool with their kids and grandchildren. It was so much more than a bathing suit store; we helped women feel like they didn't have to hide anymore.

I've been in the business of empowering women for 20 years.

This is my life's work.

This is my life.

Why is boudoir photography so expensive?

I'm not here to judge you.

I'm here to take your hand and guide you down a path of self discovery and acceptance. Boudoir photography is a mode of transportation down that path. So much goes into this process beyond what camera I use and what outfits to wear. I've worked damn hard to create a safe space where women feel worthy exactly as they are.

Together we create beautiful images that mean so much more than 'looking sexy'.

It's a way out of the self-deprecating cycle of 'I'm not enough'.

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As an artist, I work hard to ensure the work I produce is current and modern, yet classic and elegant. My attention for detail is exhausting (to me haha) at times. Every little thing matters to me - and I will stop shooting to move a stray hair, adjust a strap, or just stop and reset if I things are feeling forced. It's MY job to make sure you look your best, and I take that very seriously.

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I want to provide each one of my clients with images she's going to love.

When you look back at these photos 20 years from now, I want you to still feel like the images belong in a magazine.

My studio is a total dream! It's a New York style loft with brick and beam construction and so many luxe boudoir details, like tufting, velvet, brick, and the dreamiest natural light.

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My heart skips a beat every time I walk inside! It's the perfect balance of chic, playful, sexy and feminine. My studio is my happy place and has taken my style of work to another level.

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Now, who would you rather shoot your boudoir session?

Yes, it's expensive; but it's worth it.

..and I offer flexible payment plans 😉

Contact Me for all the juicy details about booking your very own boudoir photo shoot.

Why is boudoir photography so expensive?

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