White Sheets Boudoir BTS

One of the most popular 'outfits' for a boudoir session is the bedsheets! Not only am I able to share some stunningly elegant images of my client Miss E, but she allowed me to film behind the scenes clips during our shoot! Scroll to the bottom of this post to watch the full length White Sheets Boudoir BTS video!

White Sheets Boudoir BTS

White Sheets Boudoir BTS

In addition to gorgeous lingerie, choosing to be photographed in white sheets can create a timeless and classic look.

The sheets are also a fantastic way to create shape! I often use the draping of the fabric to enhance your curves and conceal any areas you feel a little self conscious about.

White Sheets Boudoir BTS

Using the sheets as an outfit is a good option for someone who desires some modesty in their boudoir photos, as it is much less revealing than most lingerie.

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The white sheets can also make you feel more comfortable than going fully nude. The illusion of nudity can be very elegant, and the sheets provide more coverage than most lingerie.

White Sheets Boudoir BTS

White Sheets Boudoir BTS | White Sheets Boudoir Vancouver 006 jpg

Make no mistake, I'm a huge fan of saucy lingerie. However, at times it can be more trend-focused which may date the photos after a few years. Your white sheets boudoir photos will undoubtedly stand the test of time.

The white sheets are almost always my clients' favourite images from their session. Even though it's less revealing, there's something really sexy about being wrapped in the sheets. It evokes a mood of classic sensuality that can be brought out in anyone.

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Want to see what a boudoir session with me is really like? Watch the video below!

Or watch the short version on my Instagram Reels.

If you've been intimidated by the thought of doing a boudoir session, let this be your sign to just go for it!

The session itself is really not all that serious! I will meet you at your comfort level and we go through the process together. My goal is to create images that will be your favourite photos of yourself, ever.

My website is full of information about the entire experience. From how to choose your photographer, to outfit inspo, more behind the scenes videos, and of course, tons of client reviews. Ready? Contact me to book your white sheets boudoir session!

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