Top 10 Boudoir Outfit Ideas For Amazing Photos

So you've booked a shoot date, but now you're wondering what to wear for your boudoir session. Don't stress! In today's post I'm outlining my Top 10 Boudoir Outfit Ideas. Many of these items you may already have in your closet!

If you'd like to add something new to your wardrobe, I've linked a ton of outfit ideas in my Amazon Storefront.

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Ready? Let's get into it.

1. Classic Boudoir

Top 10 Boudoir Outfit Ideas

It doesn't get much more 'boudoir' than a classic bra, panty and garter set, complete with thigh high stockings and a sexy pair of heels. This is probably my most favourite outfit for a boudoir session, and I recommend it to all of my clients.

See my favourite style of stockings here

Top 10 Boudoir Outfit Ideas - Classic Boudoir - Bra, Panty, Garter and Stockings

This look is timeless - even though the style has evolved over the decades, there's a certain sophistication that spans generations when it comes to this ensemble.

2. Bodysuits, teddies and rompers

Top 10 Boudoir Outfit Ideas - Bodysuits, Teddies and Rompers

My second favourite outfit to suggest to people are bodysuits and rompers (also called teddies). These one-piece garments hug the body and highlight the curves, while also providing some coverage.

If you don't love the idea of showing your tummy in your photos, a bodysuit or romper is an excellent choice. Bodysuits have become quite popular in women's fashion and are fairly easy to find in both lingerie shops and clothing stores.

3. Sweaters and t-shirts

T-Shirt - Top 10 Boudoir Outfit Ideas

Not really a lingerie person? No problem! If you are more comfortable in a laid back style, I highly recommend bringing your favourite t-shirt or sweater and pairing it with basic bottoms (or no bottoms!).

Top 10 Boudoir Outfit Ideas - TShirts and Sweaters

Find this crop top here

Add some over-the-knee legwarmers and you've got a cozy vibe that you will want to wear again for your next lazy weekend at home.

Top 10 Boudoir Outfit Ideas - TShirts

4. Robe

Lace Robe - Top 10 Boudoir Outfit Ideas

Get this lace robe here

A luxurious satin, silk or lace robe is the perfect way to add a layer of sophistication, glamour and sexiness to your images.

The layers and draping of the fabric can elevate the look and feel of the images, while simultaneously providing a little bit of coverage and modesty.

Silk Robe - Top 10 Boudoir Outfit Ideas

5. Body Chains and Dramatic Jewellery

Body Chain - Top 10 Boudoir Outfit Ideas

I've always had a teensy obsession with body chains..they are so fun to photograph! they're also an excellent way to dress up a basic bodysuit or lingerie set, or add a little sparkle to your silhouette.

My favourite body chains on Amazon

A long necklace draped around your body is also an elegant and classic boudoir look.

Check out these shoulder necklaces!

Dramatic Necklaces and Body Chains - Top 10 Boudoir Outfit Ideas

6. Button up collared shirt

Button Up Collared Shirt - Top 10 Boudoir Outfit Ideas

Oh how I love the 'morning after' style of oversized menswear on the feminine form. The crisp, clean lines of a collared shirt add a touch of sophistication and femininity to the images.

Whether you throw it on over your garter and stockings, or allow it to glide off your shoulders au naturel, this look is forever timeless.

Don't want to wear a men's shirt? This button up shirt has a softer, more flowy fabric.

7. Thigh High Boots

Thigh High Boots - Top 10 Boudoir Outfit Ideas

A great way to add a bold, sexy and confident touch to your images is with thigh high boots! Over the knee boots elongate the legs and serve as a statement piece that add drama.

My favourite way to style them? Completely nude - they're made for showing off!

8. Leather or Fur Jacket

Faux Fur Coat - Top 10 Boudoir Outfit Ideas

I love the soft texture of a faux fur jacket against bare skin..just divine!

Leather jackets lend an edgier feel and are perfect to pair with a simple bodysuit or with something strappy.

Leather Jacket - Top 10 Boudoir Outfit Ideas

Is it practical? No. But it looks damn good.

I love this faux leather biker jacket by Levi's

9. White Sheets

Classic boudoir photos using white bedsheets

I make a point to incorporate the bedsheets into every session. These shots are always my clients' favourites.

Even though they're usually more covered up with the sheets than in any other outfit, the images just *feel* more sexy. Sheets are the perfect way to create the illusion of nudity without baring it all.

10. Nude

Tasteful Nude Boudoir Photography

What can I say? Your birthday suit is the most beautiful thing you can wear for your boudoir session!

Let's show off your shape and highlight the details you love about your body. I never photograph 'full frontal' nudity, I believe leaving something to the imagination is way sexier.

Tasteful Nude Boudoir Photography

Nude - Top 10 Boudoir Outfit Ideas

Artistic Nude Boudoir Photography

Detail shots and the lines of your silhouette also make the perfect art for your walls at home.

I have several prints hanging in my studio. I always prefer to print close ups of the collarbone, lips, and silhouettes.

Your nudes are safe with me, I'll never share anything without your consent. However, I can't guarantee you won't want to send these nudes to everyone 😉

Classy Nude Boudoir Photography

If you haven't already booked a boudoir session for yourself, what are you waiting for?

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