Why you should do a boudoir shoot for yourself.

So often when talking to other women about boudoir photography I hear one common objection;

'But I don't have a husband/boyfriend/partner to give the photos to!'

Of course my reaction is always:

So what?! Do it for you!

I believe that self-love and body acceptance are incredibly important (duh, I've made an entire career out of it). Doing a boudoir shoot for yourself is a fantastic opportunity to discover a side of yourself you may not have ever connected with before.

Many people assume that doing a boudoir session and the resulting photos are solely meant for gifting to a partner. I am here to tell you that's a load of BS.

do a boudoir shoot for yourself

You do not need a partner to have a beautiful and empowering boudoir experience.

You don't even have to show the photos to anyone either.

(although I can't guarantee you won't want to show everyone).

do a boudoir shoot for yourself

Doing a boudoir photoshoot for yourself can be incredibly liberating. You can wear whatever makes you feel sexy and confident, without worrying about anyone else's preferences or opinions. We can also create more sensual images, and focus on details that capture a feminine aesthetic.

boudoir photographer vancouver jennifer williams

"But Jen, if I do it for myself, what am I going to do with the photos?"

Obviously my first suggestion would be to post them all over the internet and line your walls with huge prints..if that's not feasible, there are other options.

do a boudoir shoot for yourself

do a boudoir shoot for yourself

I offer stunning albums, these are my favourite way to display boudoir photos. It's a discreet presentation and turning the pages is a much nicer experience than viewing on a screen. My albums are handmade by an all-female team in eastern Canada, and I've been using the same company for over 10 years. The quality is incredible and I am proud to offer such a beautifully made album to my clients.

For a daily reminder of feeling strong and beautiful, I highly recommend printing enlargements from your session!

You can enjoy your gorgeous images every day as you walk past them hanging on the wall.

My favourite print size is 24x36, and the best place to hang your photos other than your bedroom is your master bath (or ensuite). If you're lucky enough to have a walk in closet, that is also a fantastic spot to discreetly display your art.

I've created a list* of my favourite modern slimline frames on Amazon so you don't have to worry about searching all over the place for the perfect frame.

*As an Amazon Associate, I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.

Another way to enjoy your photos is to put them onto your mobile device.

do a boudoir shoot for yourself

You get a mobile app with your digital files so you can easily flip through them anytime you need a pick me up. No searching on your camera roll, the link can be saved right to your home screen.

do a boudoir shoot for yourself

One of my favourite ways to enjoy these photos of yourself is to share a few either online or in the group chat!

Even if you crop it to a modest headshot, you'll be looking so gorgeous that your friends will be hyping.you.up.

Honestly it's the best pick me up!

Maybe you're not quite there yet, and that's totally ok! If you need a little more time to build up the courage to do a boudoir shoot for yourself, I want to let you know..

I hereby give you permission to

do a boudoir shoot for yourself,

whenever you're ready.

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