What’s holding you back?

What's holding you back? | Vancouver Boudoir Photographer

Recently I posted in my Instagram stories:

What's holding you back from doing a boudoir session for yourself?

The answers I received weren't all that surprising. I've shared them below, along with my responses in case it helps anyone who needs a gentle nudge to go ahead and book that session for themselves.

What's holding you back? | Vancouver Boudoir Photographer

"My weight and discomfort in front of a camera"

You don't need to look a certain way to be worthy of having beautiful photos of yourself. even if you don't feel your best right now, my relentless attention to detail with posing and lighting can help you love your body as it is right now. I highly recommend reading this article written by one of my clients!

I use posing and lighting to accentuate your favourite features and minimize anything you feel self conscious about, and I polish it all off with a little Photoshop magic 😉 See some retouching examples here

What's holding you back? | Vancouver Boudoir Photographer

"I really want to, but I'm so nervous"

It's totally normal to feel nervous or unsure if you can 'pull off' looking sexy.

You don't need to know how to pose or have any experience in front of the camera in order to have a great shoot. In fact, most of my clients have never had professional photos taken before! Read through my reviews and you'll find out that you don't need to worry about a thing!

"I'm so awkward, I've never been sexy in my life"

Usually people feel awkward because they've never had anyone directing them before!

Throughout the shoot I'll be directing every last detail; from your eyelashes down to your toes. I am confident in my ability to get beautiful photos of anyone, regardless of how 'awkward' or not photogenic you think you are.

Watch more behind the scenes videos here

What's holding you back? | Vancouver Boudoir Photographer

The cost

I often suggest people book their boudoir shoot several months in advance, so they can do a payment plan to spread the cost out! There's no extra cost to do a payment plan, and it can be set up on the dates that work best for you.

What's holding you back? | Vancouver Boudoir Photographer

"Do I have to get naked?"

You can be as naked or covered up as you want, it's all about you!

The sheets are a great way to get the illusion of nudity without baring it all. Your comfort is very important to me and I am always respectful of how you're feeling! Most times we start out the shoot and my client is really nervous (like shaking nervous) and by the end, she's walking around naked. It's a beautiful thing! I am proud to create a space where women can relax and enjoy the experience.

What's holding you back from booking a boudoir session?

I know you've been considering it, so what's holding you back from finally taking the chance on yourself? Read through my FAQs to see more answers to common questions about boudoir sessions, or contact me!

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