More Confident About Myself | Vancouver Boudoir Photographer

You don't have to wait until you feel more confident to book a boudoir session. A boudoir experience can be empowering and incredibly liberating, and you don't need to already feel confident in order to get gorgeous photos of yourself. I'm an experienced professional and I understand how to capture your best angles and direct you so we can capture the most beautiful images.

More Confident About Myself | Vancouver Boudoir Photographer

The experience of seeing yourself through my lens can be transformative; not only can you become more confident, but the experience also allows you to release outdated ideas about who you are as a woman. Miss T graciously allowed me to share some of her beautiful photos. Scroll to see them and read her testimonial below.

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"I've done two shoots before, so I was definitely feeling a lot less nervous; but nonetheless it's always slightly nerve-wracking to pose naked or close to naked in front of people."

"I love how Jennifer really makes you feel unique. She would stand on ladders, go down on her knees, and even shoot upside down just so she can get the best images of you."

More Confident About Myself | Vancouver Boudoir Photographer

I asked: What would you tell other women considering booking a shoot with me?

"DO IT! Each time I do it, I become more confident about myself."

More Confident About Myself | Vancouver Boudoir Photographer

"I no longer care so much about having to diet or exercise to get that perfect "physique". I also become a little more brave each time I do a shoot. For example, I find myself wearing less and less each time I shoot and that itself takes confidence.

You definitely don't need the perfect skin, body, or hair to do a shoot. For me, it's about pushing myself 1% better each time."

See Miss T's first shoot with me here

Boudoir photography is all about celebrating your unique beauty and embracing who you are. Waiting for the 'perfect' time to book a boudoir shoot might mean missing out on the opportunity to experience feeling good now. You don't need to keep putting it off, let's make it happen!

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