“The boudoir shoot has been the most daring thing I have ever done”

boudoir shoot vancouver boudoir photographer jennifer williams

"Jennifer and Kelly ROCK!

Next to skydiving, the boudoir shoot has been the most daring thing I have ever done.

I'm 61 years old, so yes, it was daring;) My husband of 5 years turns 60 this year. I want to give him a unique and special gift. In the past he's asked me if I'd ever do a Boudoir Shoot. (He's so sweet, remember I'm 61). I answered him "no, I don't think so, it's not me". Honestly, between you and me, no longer sporting a 20, 30 or even 40 something body, I didn't feel confident. BUT, trying to come up with a unique gift idea was proving challenging so remembering his question I thought, "what the hell", and worked up the courage to do a little internet research."

"I visited a few Boudoir photography sites. After reading through Jennifer Williams site and seeing her amazing work I decided to do it. I was encouraged when I read that she could "smooth" me out 🙂 Communication leading up to the shoot was both professional and friendly. Jenn was always prompt answering my many questions (can you say 'nervous'?)."

boudoir shoot | boudoir shoot vancouver boudoir photographer jennifer williams 004

"The day of the shoot came. I'd long since chosen outfits, things I liked, some of my husband's favourites, bought something new and even threw in cos-play. I learned that it doesn't matter what you decide to wear, a lot, a little, or nothing at all, Jennifer WILL make you fabulous and sexy. Kelly is a hair and make-up wizard. (She's also very good at helping squelch nervous jitters:) She did an amazing job on me. So glad I didn't attempt this myself. Thanks again Kelly!

When the shoot was over I felt like I had two new best friends, that's how comfortable they made me feel."

"Now, should you have expectations? Absolutely! Expect that Jennifer is going to capture the most beautiful and sensual you you've ever seen. She's THAT GOOD. I just showed up all 61 years of me and let Jenn and Kelly work their magic....and they did! I remember being excited, yes, but also apprehensive about the finished product, what a waste of mental energy, I loved it! I can't wait to give the album to my husband."

boudoir shoot vancouver boudoir photographer jennifer williams

"It's crazy how Jennifer was able to capture a beauty and sensuality I didn't know I had anymore.

THANK-YOU Jennifer and Kelly you two are nothing short of amazing!" - Ms D

Have you been curious about doing a boudoir shoot?

If you're feeling ready to step outside of your comfort zone, I would love to take photos of you that will absolutely blow.you.away. Boudoir photography is for everyone - many of my clients are over 40, and I especially love working with women over 50 and 60! There's no age limit to feeling good about yourself. Contact me to discuss planning a boudoir shoot and let's create some beautiful images together!

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