Private Boudoir Photography in Vancouver

Have you ever wanted to have sophisticated and sexy photos of yourself, but the thought of anyone else seeing them scared you out of it?

Your private boudoir photos are safe with me!

I never share any of your private boudoir images without your express written consent.

Private Boudoir Photography in Vancouver

After your session is over and your images are delivered I will email you requesting to share some photos. If you're not comfortable with your face showing, you can opt for faceless/anonymous or none at all.

You get final say over what, if anything, gets shared. There is never any pressure to share your intimate photos.

(even though I would love to share everything!)

Check out my Instagram for a taste of the type of content I share on social media. It tends to be much more modest (as per the community guidelines), however my blog and portfolio contain a much better representation of my work. I get asked quite often if I shoot nudes, and the answer is yes! However I don't share much on my website due to my clients' desire for privacy.

I would love to welcome you to my private boudoir studio located downtown Vancouver!

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