Are a few extra pounds stopping you?

Are a few extra pounds stopping you? Come along for a boudoir shoot!

“I’d love to, but first I need to lose 10 pounds.

We hear it all the time! If you’ve ever caught yourself putting your best life on hold for a mythical number on a scale then you’ll find this episode super relatable. If you've been overly critical of your body, not showing yourself grace or putting off the gym, a yoga class, vacation or bathing suits till you lose a few…this one’s for you!

Are a few extra pounds stopping you? BLE Podcast Episode 102

Come along as Jayna does a super steamy boudoir photoshoot with me, and discover the unexpected benefits a shoot like this can have on your self-esteem. This episode celebrates body positivity and the beauty of self-acceptance…even if you’re feeling fluffy.

If you’ve EVER wondered what it’s like to do a sexy photoshoot, this episode will answer *all* your questions.

PLUS: Jayna surprised me by including an absolutely lovely interview with one of our mutual clients at the end of the episode. It's a must-listen!

Peek behind the scenes from our shoot together:

Check out my interview with Jayna in Episode #93!

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