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I believe that boudoir photography is an incredible experience every woman should have in her lifetime.


What sets me apart from other boudoir photographers is my commitment to providing a safe and encouraging environment where my clients can learn to let go of self judgement and appreciate the person they see in the mirror.


Creating beautiful pieces of editorial-style art you will enjoy for years to come is not only an honour for me, it's my life's work.


My name is Jennifer Williams and I have been creating intimate portraits for women in Vancouver and across Canada since 2008.

A lot of people ask me how I started in photography and I’d have to say it all began with my own boudoir session. The whole time leading up to my photo shoot I was so excited to give my partner his gift, but I did not realize until I was in front of the camera what a gift it was to myself. I realized for the first time that I was sexy – and had never thought of myself in that way before.

To me, the best part of being a woman is:
Flaunting it! I love every part of being female; from the fun with hair/makeup/clothes to the internal feminine features like being soft and nurturing or strong and lifting others up. Every day I get to choose which woman I want to be.

Why I am obsessed with boudoir photography:
Because for generations women have been told to be modest, but not a prude. To be sexy but not slutty. To be attractive but not too ‘done up’. I want to tear those expectations down and help women see themselves as beautiful, powerful and sexy…on their own terms. I want to help women define their sensuality and boudoir photography is a great way to do that.

Jennifer & Kelly: The Boudoir Dream Team


Kelly Trerise is an outstanding makeup artist and my business partner at Gloss Boudoir. After spending over a decade as a professional makeup artist in the TV and film, fashion and magazine industries, Kelly has worked on dozens of A-list celebrities and has garnered 4 prestigious awards in the beauty world.

Since joining my team in 2010, Kelly has become the go to gal for boudoir specific hair and makeup. With her upbeat personality and her genuine love for making fabulous women feel spectacular, Kelly consistently makes each and every one of our clients feel like a total bombshell. She’s affectionately known around these parts as the Beauty Queen and we’re excited for you to get the chance to find out why!

To me, the best part of being a woman is:
I love being able to be a strong business woman, a creative artist, a sexy seductress, a funny friend, a trustworthy and caring wife and whatever else I feel like being in the moment. As women we adapt ourselves all day long, I think it’s pretty cool!

Why I am obsessed with boudoir photography:
I feel like what we do is so, so important for women. We help to show our clients that sexuality, femininity, confidence and feeling beautiful is OK. Being whoever you are is welcomed and encouraged when you're with us. My favourite part of a shoot is watching a client come in nervous and seeing them leave confident with their head held high.

Kelly and I have worked together since 2010, and boudoir photography is what we love to do. Showing women their beauty is so rewarding for us, and we would love to give that experience to you – if you would like to book an intimate photo session, please send me a message.


Want to know what a boudoir shoot with us is really like? Check out our behind the scenes video below:

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