Boudoir Albums

We think a gorgeous layflat album is the best way to display your beautiful boudoir photos. We offer a variety of cover materials for you to choose from: leather, velvet, Japanese silk, and many more!


Our albums are handmade at a small production house in Canada; we've been using this print lab since 2012 and have ordered hundreds of their albums for our clients. Needless to say, we not only love the albums they make for us, but we adore the people who work there!


Albums are available to add on to any of our session packages. If you're interested in booking a shoot for yourself, or adding an album to your booking,

send us a message.

Black Silk

Bronze Leather

Glam Python

Black Leather

Gold Leather

Java Leather

Camel Leather

Imperial Leather

London Club Leather

Sin With Me Leather

Red Leather

Navy Leather

Rathlin Leather

Pacific Leather


Ivory Leather


Pearl Iridescent



Black Japanese Silk

Red Japanese Silk

Aqua Japanese Silk

Crimson Japanese Silk

Grey Japanese Silk

Slate Velvet

Grape Velvet

Black Velvet


Bordeaux Velvet

































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