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Boudoir Photography Vancouver April 1, 2010

Vancouver Boudoir Photography | Danielle

I really love shooting boudoir...not only because it's an opportunity for me to have fun and create pretty pictures, but I...
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Boudoir Photography Vancouver March 21, 2010

Vancouver Boudoir Photography | Picture Perfect Testimonial

I went to Vancouver this weekend for my birthday and to shoot a promo video for my boudoir business.  I wanted...
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Boudoir Photography Vancouver March 7, 2010

boudoir by jen williams

I'm in Vegas right now for WPPI (a photographer's convention) and I shot a series of gorgeous boudoir images today at...
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Boudoir Photography Vancouver February 25, 2010

Vancouver Boudoir Photography| Miss D

Here are a couple teasers from the second half of my last Vancouver boudoir shoot!  Isn't she absolutely stunning?! To book...
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Toronto Boudoir Photography February 25, 2010

Toronto Boudoir Photography | Jen Williams

There are gorgeous women all across our country, and Toronto sure had no shortage of absolutely stunning ladies. Here are a...
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