Birthday Magic

This absolute beauty of a human came back for a very special birthday photo shoot for herself.

This won’t be the last time you see Miss N either..we have all kinds of amazing/sexy/dreamy things planned, so stay tuned! See our first shoot HERE.

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I enjoyed every second of it.

“This was the first year of my 36 years of life that I was and now am at comfort with my body. I may have always been considered thin but I never understood my body’s pure artistry and power. I wanted to capture this and end 2018 embracing everything I have bravely concurred all in this skin and show myself my beauty. I chose Jennifer to photograph me because I was drawn to the sense of seductive confidence she captures in her work without it being misconstrued. Kelly was and is lovely, and not knowing either of you prior to walking through that door can be intimidating, but I was at such ease.

Before the shoot I feared I wouldn’t be able to let go of my personal critiquing internal voice during the session.

I enjoyed every second of it. What are you waiting for ? “

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Seeing yourself in a new way.

“My sister (one of our return clients) absolutely adores you and the work you do! And I can tell why after shooting wth you! Your photos are gorgeous and capture women beautifully.

I was so nervous before the shoot. I had a huge dialogue with myself about whether I should do the shoot now or wait until I had worked out more and felt better about myself. But at the end of the day that’s why I was there… to start loving myself in the skin and body I’m in.

This was quite honestly one of the best things I have ever done! I felt so beautiful, supported, and at ease. Jen and Kelly you are so wonderfully powerful and empowering! You’ve made me see myself in a whole new way and I’m so grateful. I would say to any person considering a boudoir shoot to take the leap of faith and do it!… they won’t regret it! 

Kelly was so lovely to talk to and it made me feel so at ease before the shoot. It was the best I’ve ever looked and felt (and that includes my wedding day!). Jen, your positive comments and direction made me feel the most beautiful I have ever felt. Thank you!”

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Jennifer & Kelly

It is a fabulous experience, I would recommend it to anyone. Jennifer put me at ease the day we first met and was really fun to work with during the shoot. Any nervousness or doubt was quickly wiped away the moment I set foot in the studio; everyone was so welcoming. Miss E

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