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White Sheets Session January 24, 2024

Boudoir Session in White Sheets | Vancouver Boudoir

If you're not sure what to wear, or you're not really a 'lingerie person', I have the perfect solution: Do your...
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Reviews - Boudoir Photography Vancouver December 8, 2023

The Real Deal | Vancouver Boudoir Photographer

"You know it's the real deal when all the reviews are saying the same amazing things but.... Here's one more!" "Kelly...
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Vancouver Boudoir Photographer December 4, 2023

A 2nd boudoir session for L | Vancouver Boudoir Photographer

Not much makes me happier than when a client comes back to do a 2nd boudoir session with me.. (ok, maybe...
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Boudoir Photography Vancouver December 1, 2023

Tasteful Nudes | Vancouver Boudoir Photographer

Many clients ask me if they can do a few shots completely naked, and the answer is YES! Tasteful nudes are...
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Golden Glow Boudoir November 29, 2023

Nighttime Boudoir with Candles

I absolutely loved creating these images - this lighting is part of my Golden Glow session add-on! If you want to...
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