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Couples Boudoir Photography July 26, 2023

Steamy Couples Boudoir Photo Shoot

Thank you so much to A&K for allowing me to share some images from their steamy couples boudoir photo shoot we...
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White Sheets Session July 23, 2023

Elegant White Sheets Boudoir Photography

I love the simplicity and elegance of white sheets boudoir photography. The classic and timeless images put the focus on you....
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Maternity Boudoir Photography July 20, 2023

Maternity Boudoir Shoot | Miss H’s 2nd Session

"The minute I decided to do a maternity boudoir shoot, I just knew it had to be with Jennifer." "My first...
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Boudoir Photography Vancouver July 17, 2023

Keeping Your Boudoir Photos Private – Your Trust is My #1 Priority.

I've been asked on many occasions - why do you share photos where the woman's face isn't showing, or her head...
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Boudoir Photography Vancouver June 29, 2023

Miss A’s 3rd Boudoir Shoot

Miss A came back for her 3rd boudoir shoot with me (check out her first and second shoots), and for this...
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