Bridal Boudoir Photography

Being part of one of the most exciting times in someone's life is very special to me. While not all of my clients want to be photographed in their wedding lingerie, some seize the opportunity! Classic white lingerie, your wedding shoes, garter and veil all work together to create a beautiful and timeless boudoir look along with your stunning engagement ring.

These images are a collection of my absolute favourite bridal boudoir photos that I've created over the last few years and have permission to share. I would love to welcome you to my studio. Let's create a unique and intimate gift for your fiancé that you will enjoy just as much (if not more)!

A bridal boudoir photo shoot is a unique and intimate way to commemorate your upcoming wedding and create beautiful and meaningful photos that you will cherish for a lifetime.

You will be feeling more confident and less awkward on the big day, and the directions I give are applicable to any time you're in front of the camera. You'll be hearing my voice telling you to drop your shoulders, push your chin forward and remember to keep breathing!

I was searching for a meaningful gift for my husband-to-be, and a friend suggested I gift him boudoir photos. I was so excited to give him his gift on the big day, and quickly realized what a gift it was for me. Finally being able to see myself as beautiful and sexy was transformative. I had never seen myself in that way before.

PS I highly recommend having your wedding photographer capture the moment when your fiancé opens their gift! The reactions are priceless!

I would love to be part of your wedding preparations, and create timeless and elegant images you'll treasure forever. For more information, check out my Pricing Page, view my Portfolio, read Reviews and see what I'm up to on Instagram. If you're ready to book your bridal boudoir session, get in touch!

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