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I’ve heard women say they think they’re too old for boudoir over 40. I’m here to tell you that you don’t need to be in your 20’s to feel good about yourself. Most of my clients think they are awkward or not photogenic, but the truth is they’ve never had a professional directing them into their best angles in the most flattering light. I can see the beautiful parts of you that you might not be able to see in yourself. Even if you think you can’t ‘pull off’ looking sexy, with my direction and expertise, you’re going to look your absolute best.

Boudoir Over 40 August 24, 2023

A 2nd Boudoir Session for S | Vancouver Boudoir Photographer

I was thrilled to welcome this beautiful woman back to the studio for her 2nd boudoir session with me! We had...
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Boudoir Over 40 May 7, 2023

“The most incredible photoshoot” – Ms T’s Boudoir Experience

"I loved Jennifer's creativity and sweet soul. She's like a magician, but even better! She made me feel beautiful, sexy, hot...
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Boudoir Over 40 January 20, 2023

Stunning and Classic Boudoir Photography in Vancouver

When people ask what I do for a living, I get a mix of reactions when I tell them I've been...
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Boudoir Over 40 January 9, 2023

Boudoir At Any Age | Miss T

Many people consider boudoir sessions to be exclusively for younger women. However, this preconceived notion is simply not true. In fact,...
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Boudoir Over 40 March 9, 2020

A wonderful and comfortable experience | Vancouver Boudoir Photographer

"This was such a wonderful experience and I was so comfortable with both of you. Thank you so much for making...
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Boudoir Over 40 March 2, 2020

Another uplifting experience – Miss C’s 2nd boudoir shoot

The radiant Miss C came in for her 2nd shoot with us (See the first session here) and was one of...
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Boudoir Over 40 January 13, 2020

I had nothing to worry or be nervous about! | Vancouver Boudoir Photography Studio

"My boudoir shoot with Jen and Kelly was THE BEST experience. They made me feel so comfortable and at ease. It...
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Boudoir Over 40 September 23, 2019

I was so glad I made time to celebrate ME. | Miss K

"It was fabulous. Both of you made me feel comfortable and relaxed - like I was hanging out at home but...
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Boudoir Over 40 July 1, 2019

I enjoyed every minute of it | Miss C

"A relationship ended and I felt very down on myself emotionally and physically. I did not feel attractive or sexy at...
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Boudoir Over 40 June 17, 2019

Outgrowing old ideas about yourself

"I had always had negative body issues growing up. I was chubbier than the average girl and subscribed to that attitude...
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