"This photoshoot was so empowering and freeing. I know that sounds canned or trite but there really is no other way to describe it. To let yourself go and be as sexy as you feel and to have someone not only not judging you but documenting and encouraging it was so fulfilling.
I'd tell anyone contemplating this...do NOT wait to get to the perfect weight or time. Just focus on being the best version of you that you can be and let Jennifer and Kelly help you document how beautiful that really looks."

- Miss K

""Jen and Kelly are such an incredible team that make me remember and see my beauty and sexiness each time I come to shoot. As a wife, mom and business woman, it can be easy to say, I don't have the time for this. But each time I have invested in me with each shoot (3 so far!), I get more back than just the beautiful images. It changes how I see myself, even as I'm a year away from 50. Bring it on, and can't wait to create an even better shoot next time!!!""

- Miss K

"It was AmAzING !! I absolutely enjoyed my time with J and K. They really know how to make you feel comfortable. It’s like two girl friends who undeniably adore and care for you. Jennifer’s direction and coaching was terrific! I felt so confident beautiful and sexy!"

- Miss L


miss n

"The experience was AMAZING! I haven't giggled that hard in a long time. You just have to breathe and relax and have fun with it. You can't take it too seriously... you're not shooting for a magazine cover, just for yourself or your loved one. Do it. Now."

Miss j

"It was amazing! I had so much fun! Kelly and Jen are super friendly and they made me feel comfortable.
I would tell anyone considering a shoot that its a lot of fun! I learned to pose in positions that made me feel sexy!"

miss g

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