Maternity Boudoir

The images below are a collection of some of my favourite maternity boudoir images I have permission to share.

Whether you're a first-time mom or have experienced pregnancy before, a boudoir photo shoot can help you feel confident and empowered in your own skin. Many of my clients also appreciate the opportunity to reclaim their sensuality and embrace their feminine power through these photos.

Even if you’ve been feeling a little insecure about the changes happening in your body, a maternity boudoir session can be a powerful way for you to embrace and appreciate this incredible transformation.

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The ideal time to schedule a maternity session is around 7-8 months, when your bump will be prominently visible, and you’re likely to still feel comfortable enough to pose for photos. However, every pregnancy is different and some women may prefer to schedule the shoot earlier or later, depending on how their body is changing.

It’s 100% ok if you’re not feeling great about your body right now. I always encourage women to do a shoot anyway, because there will come a day when you will be happy to have these photos of yourself. Remember, it’s my job to make sure you look and feel absolutely gorgeous (and I’m pretty darn good at my job) ❤️


"It was so fun and you made us feel so comfortable like we have known you forever, very relaxed and I liked how you directed us to get the best picture."

"My photo shoot was amazing!!

If you think you may be remotely interested in a shoot...then your brain is telling you to go for it!! It was so much fun, I felt pampered, loved and so relaxed the entire time - it was amazing!!"

"It was relaxing, easy, enjoyable, fun, empowering and an experience I would definitely do again.

You feel beautiful, free and so in touch with yourself. Its an experience that you wont ever regret."

"I'm so happy that I did the maternity boudoir.

Although I felt huge at the time I see these pictures and I can see the beautiful side of it.

So again. Thank you ladies for lifting me up when I needed it."

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