Your Privacy

I take your privacy very seriously and will never share your images online or in print without your written consent.

the bottom line is, you're in control.

I believe that maintaining the 'one-on-one' dynamic is very important to my work. Creating a comfortable atmosphere where you can relax and trust me is how I create incredible images for you. Whether you are a celebrity, have a high profile career, or like to keep your personal life private, I commit to keeping your images and personal information 100% confidential. I have built a solid reputation based on trust. I never pressure my clients into sharing their photos, it is your choice and I respect that.

My clients' privacy is extremely important to me, and providing a safe and private experience for women has been a cornerstone of my business since I started more than a decade ago. Every image you see on my website has been approved by the woman in the photo. I have many clients who have requested to not be published online at all, and some who decide later that face-less shots are ok to share. I will be the only person present during your shoot (if you book Kelly for makeup, she will be there for a portion as well).